Covid - 19

Measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19

Regular information to all employees on the prevention of the spread of the virus, rigorous assurance of all legal measures on the prevention against the spread of the COVID 19 virus and daily monitoring of their health;

Disinfection and sanitation of frequently used public areas: elevator, reception, POS devices, handles, railings, switches, sockets, telephone, remote control, safe, information materials in the room, etc. with dedicated professional products, according to the protocol established by the cleaning supplier;

Daily and rigorous disinfection of rooms and bathrooms with specific solutions, as well as disinfection of work surfaces and related equipment from the kitchen and bar;

Keeping the room empty for 2 days (48 hours), before accommodating the next guest in the same room;

The use of the elevator for maximum 2 persons, except for family members, the use of a mask being mandatory;

Having the dispensers with disinfectant solutions, available to guests and offering, on request, protective masks to all customers who stay in our hotel;

The use of masks and protective gloves by all staff involved in serving guests and respecting the social distance both between employees and between customers and the employees;

Control of compliance with the procedures for washing and preparing all food served in Room Service or terraces;

Cleaning and sanitizing the menus after every single use;

Disinfectant cleaning of tables and chairs after every single use;

The tables on the hotel terraces will be arranged in such a way as to respect the regulated distance and a table will allow access for a maximum of 4 people, except for families.

Breakfast, lunch or dinner is served in room service or on the hotel terraces - exterior and interior -, according to the options presented at the hotel reception;

The room cleaning service is limited during the stay, the maid entering the guest room only at his request;

We recommend that the linen and towels in the room be changed only at the client's request. If it is desired to clean the room, the maid will enter only when the client is not in the room, without touching the things of the guest;

If a tourist suspects that he has symptoms of COVID 19, it is mandatory for him to isolate himself in the hotel room, to call the reception for specialized help and not to leave the room until after a medical team shows up in his hotel room, thus following the protocol established by the authorities;

The implemented measures are based on the legislation in force, the indications issued by the WHO (World Health Organization) and will be continuously improved, depending on the medical evolution, the legal recommendations and the requirements of the guests